Bafang 8FUN BBS02 750W 48V Deluxe Kit


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Electric motor Bafang 8FUN BBS02 750W 48V Deluxe Kit

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The innovative central engine to electrify any bike is finally available.


Bafang 8 Fun has released two versions (36v and 48V 250/500 PSU/750Watt) that can meet the needs of every cyclist. Designed for various uses, from the most challenging urban trails, Off-Road always guarantees the highest performances and in every situation. Can be installed on almost all commercially available bikes. Its most outstanding features are the great silence, the shot from the lower speeds, reduced consumption and total versatility it offers.


The installation is quick and easy thanks to the brand new quick connectors for display and battery. Stands for minimal aesthetic impact and the black coloration makes it compatible with the aesthetics of the vast majority of bikes. Men's or women's frame makes no difference. The new BBS01 is compatible with all bottom brackets from 68 mm (standard) and 73 mm (Freeride and Downhill), although for the latter, the chain line is slightly more problematic.


High torque motor mount BBS01 Bafang bracket. Can be installed on any bike with stock frame very easily. High efficiency, low power consumption, long-haul trips.

High starting torque ideal for demanding climbs, max ≥ 80Nm.


Application: Central engine (calibrated for the montaggiò on bicycles with 8-9-10 speed) standards of applicability: allows a perfect fit on any bicycle (standard ENG, EU, USA), suitable for all addresses e-bike and assist institution. Torque for hills.


Central motor for electric bike Bafang BBS01 nominal voltage: nominal Power: (V) 48 (W) 750W Max diameter: (mm) maximum speed (rpm) N/70-90 Efficiency rating: (%) reduction ratio: 80% 1:30 > weight: (kg) 4: waterproof Connectors N type Brake </A color: black noise: (dB) resistance: Grade IP54 certification: 55 < CE ROHS-Engine already provided with mov siggilati bearing on centrale.

-"plug and play" each connector is unique and therefore can't be wrong connections.

-Integrated engine management Controller-PAS pedal assistant system.

-CoppiaLeve switch Brake motor cut, easy installation, free plug and play.

Thumb throttle-Accelerator brand Wuxingplug & play.

-Velocitàplug sensor cranks 175 mm-length included Couples & play.

-Display Mod C961

with voltage Indicator Mod C961, clock, speed, mileage, battery charging, regulating engine power on 5 levels, lighting displays, electronic system failure reporting, pulsanteOn/Off, standing start up to 6 km/h.

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