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Wayel Sicura Unisex 8 Ah

Wayel Trilogia 2.0 Safe Unisex 9 Ah 36V

Wayel Trilogia 2.0 Safe Unisex 8 Ah 36V Electric Bicycle E-Bike
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  With Easy Lock system against thefts!

  With this electric bicycle you reach that perfect combination of practicality   and comfort that urban style requires.

  Leaving home impeccable for a business meeting, reaching the office   downtown without getting stuck in the rush hour traffic, preserving   perfectly the aspect with which we had gone out, has now become a concrete fact.

  With Trilogia 2.0, the suspension and suspension fork allow for a safe ride   drive more relaxed, do not feel stress and fatigue, do not try and do not sweat.   You don\'t even run the risk of getting dirty with chain grease, since   the transmission is cardan. The bicycle is equipped with a convenient luggage rack for   position the child seat and a practical anti-theft system. Yes   it is Easy Lock, with a tightening cable kept in the saddle, which it represents   the comfortable and ideal solution to secure your bike. Safe it is   available in two unisex and men\'s versions.


  Trilogia 2.0 Safe is a Made in Italy product.

  It is in fact part of the Made 2.0 line which inaugurates the cycle of electric bicycles   Wayel designed, designed and built completely in Italy.



  Easy Lock anti-theft device

  easy lock anti-theft


  Easy Lock anti-theft system with clamping cable inserted inside the   seatpost tube.


  Roof rack

  integrated luggage rack


  The safety rack is in line with the driving position. You can place it   a child seat on the roof rack, made according to safety criteria   for small passengers.


  Suspension fork

  powerful 2.0 trilogy - front suspension fork


  The front fork is cushioned to ensure the best comfort for the bike   electricity.


  Batteries with Samsung cells



  36V lithium-ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells. Available in two sizes   power: 7.8Ah and 10.4Ah.


  Cardan transmission



  Innovative, unique, clean and practical cardan transmission system. It is an integral part   of the electric bike and does not need maintenance. No risk of falling there   chain and get their hands dirty to fix it.


  Motor control on STEM

  stem control


  The engine control, inserted in the stem (STEM), allows wiring   simplified to the benefit of the aesthetics of the electric bicycle.


  Spanninga lights

  led lights


  Spanninga front and rear lights, with low energy consumption LED technology,   independent of the battery.


  3-speed gearbox

  safe shimano gear


  Shimano Nexus 3-speed gearbox integrated in the hub, which allows you to change   even when stationary.


  Front engine

  250w motor

  250W brushless aluminum front motor with 19Nm of torque capable of handling   slopes up to 10%. Placed on the front wheel it guarantees a perfect fit   grip on the ground and together with the suspension fork allows a comfortable ride   even on dirt roads.


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