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Wayel Suv 36V 8 Ah 36V

Wayel Suv 36V 8.4 Ah 36V

Wayel Trilogy Secure 2.0 Unisex 8.4 Ah 36V electric bike E-Bike
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Shopping Utility Vehicle: electric bike built for everyday spending the only SUV that wins the heart of the city SUV is designed for those who want the pleasure of shopping in restricted traffic areas.


The capacious basket allows you to load bulky volumes without compromising stability and conductivity: you can go shopping or get the bag.


The trim is wonderfully balanced with a high and wide handlebars, a seat height and a frame with low step over, which allows you to get on and off easily.


Features shaft drive suv-pf-cardano-01 forget the classic chain. The driveline is an innovative and unique drive system that avoids the risk that you drop the chain and then to get your hands dirty to put it in place. Part of the structure of the e-bike, is the transmission cleaner that exists and does not require any kind of maintenance.


Samsung cell batteries suv-pf-01 Lithium battery-generation Batteries to Polymers and lithium ion, Samsung cell: read and removed in one move have a high life cycle (after 1000 full charging cycles the battery r isulta to 80% capacity) and a very low self discharge (8% monthly); You can recharge them at home or in the Office.


Front engine suv-pf-01 all-aluminum engine-Efficient brushless motor. Is compact, lightweight and does not require any maintenance. Positioned on the front wheel to ensure a perfect grip capacious Basket suv-pf-01-a large basket basket integrated in the frame. The capacity is 37 litres: so you can use your electric bike every day to do a full expenditure (is able to charge up to 6 bottles of water and a whole shopping bag)


Low stepthrough frame suv-pf-01 chassis-sturdy frame and very low stepthrough, allowing you to get on and off easily integrated gear suv-pf-return-01 a change that revolutionizes your driving experience. The Shimano Nexus 3 reports can be operated from the grip and integrated hub, so you can change even when stationary.


Stable suv-pf-handlebars-01 no book up on one side when cornering, even with the basket full. The trim between the seat and handlebars gives it a healthy computing guide that ensures a comfortable posture for your spine.


Ergonomic knobs-knobs suv-pf-01, for maximum comfort and perfect control.


Saddle Seat saddle-suv-pf-01 low, comfortable and enveloping shape; two-tone (brown/black).




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