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By partnering with CliccaSicuro we can provide insurance for your bike. Insurance is only available on new bikes and sold together with the bike.

At the time of the conclusion of the order automatically to ensure your bike will appear indicating the cost of insurance and giving you the opportunity to choose the insurance formula.

What it offers 360° protection of bicycle insurance with Cliccasicuro

Usually, you buy a new bike means investing in mobility and it begs the question if secure. Almost everyone has already heard from friends or acquaintances or experienced first hand cases of robberies, thefts and vandalism. Schutzklick bicycle insurance offers optimal insurance coverage in such cases.

The advantages for you


Quick help: You can notify a claim online 24 24 hour or bewilderment. We take care of repair, replacement or refund.

Complete protection: The scope of our insurance goes far beyond the warranty.

Transparent contract: All insurance Cliccasicuro have a fixed contract duration and do not extend automatically.

Simple subscription: At any time, with just a few clicks, you can ensure what you care about. We need only an email address and a unique product information.

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