A little guide to buying to respond to frequently asked questions

Usually receive requests for advice on products for sale, it is always difficult to advise a client as the aesthetics of the products but the best advice we can give is to understand the use that will be the bicycle purchased.

We Bcycles.it suggest to invest in the quality of the product, in particular:
- If you plan to use the bike on long dail ridesy and you'll want a model with aluminum frame because it is lighter and with shifter
- A 3-exchange shifter is more than sufficient for daily use even on moderate slopes
- The model limousines are very nice but do not recommend them for use on hils

Bicycles measures:
The bikes are sold on bcycles.it universal measures suitable for an adult user. The adjustment of the saddle and the handlebar makes the bike available to a user between 1.65 and 1, 95 cm. The size of the wheels 24, 26 or 28 is irrelevant in terms of measurement of the bike as the tires of the wheels 26 and 24 are higher and thus the height rim + tire is comparable to the wheels 28 which have a larger circle but a much lower tire. For models refer to the fixed dimensions set out in the individual card products.
The size of the wheels as well as an aesthetic factor also involves a change of the characteristics of the bike. A wheel 24 or 26 is usually lighter and mounts the tires that best absorb road irregularities. The result is a more comfortable on the road. A wheel 28 is more rigid and transmits a lot more bumps in the road but benefits in terms of ride / road traveled.

Assenbling the Bike:
All bikes for sale are partially assembled to optimize transport. Some bicycles are assembled other 80% are completely assembled. Although the assembly of bicycles is usually available to a user on average experienced Bcycles.it always advisable to seek the assistance of a technician or an expert during assembly. Not all bikes are equipped with installation manual. Bcycles.it is not responsible for the assembly of bicycles and is not responsible for damage or injury caused by incorrect assembly of bicycles sold on the site.
All bicycles sold on BCYCLES.it are pre-assembled in the mechanical (moving the rear wheel, gearbox). For reasons of space during shipping often Is it necessary to mount some parts such as the handlebars and pedals that can be mounted easely

Nirve models come complete with English manual and tools for assembly.
Models Hawk Classic are completely assembled

Bicycle Maintenance:
We do not directly maintenance for bikes sold but we choose to sell only products that mount mechanical standard of the best brand manufacturers such as Shimano and SRAM. This ensures easy retrieval of all parts of the mechanical cycling at normal stores. On our site you can also buy spare parts and accessories to ensure a long service life of the bicycle purchased.