We at Raks Distribution have always been attentive to environmental sustainability and in our small way we try to reduce the environmental impact of our business as much as possible. For this reason we have decided to apply some behaviors and choices including:

  • Reduction as much as possible of printing paper documents
  • Reuse as much as possible of cartons for shipments, we constantly receive cartons from our. partner that we reuse for shipments so as not to have to produce new cartons and reduce consumption, ours is total recycling even before going to the landfill!
  • Use of only energy-saving LED bulbs in all environments, offices, showrooms and company warehouses
  • Use of 100% electricity from renewable sources
  • We promote the daily use of the bicycle as a means of transport among our staff 

Ours is only a small contribution ..... but many small contributions make a big difference!