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Kryptonite Series 2 95cm

Kryptonite Series 2 95cm

Kryptonite Series 2 bike lock 95cm armored chain lock for bicycle
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L rsquo; anti-theft KRYPTONITE Kryptolok Series 2 915 with integrated key and chain nbsp; represents an excellent compromise between performance and weight. It is the perfect model for leaving a few hours your bicycle on the road.

Practical with its 150 cm chain that allows you to hook the frame at the same time and the wheels, this Evolution Series 2 915 anti-theft device signed KRYPTONITE ndash; true point of reference in the matter -, is made up of a chain with six-link links 9.5mm thick faces in ultra-strong manganese steel, from a bar transverse reinforced and a cylinder resistant to attacks for the effect lever and drilling.

Overlaid from a nylon case, it is delivered with 2 keys.

+ Level security: 6/10
+ Mesh 4-sided 9.5 mm manganese steel
+ Bar reinforced transverse
+ Sleeve nylon chain protection
+ Size: 9,5 mm x 95 cm
+ Delivered with 2 keys



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